We Fit. We Fill. We Fix.

Enjoy complete cash convenience with the UK’s largest and leading cash
machine provider. Who are we? We are Cardtronics UK. The cash machine people.

Multi-site Retailers

We are all you need
We understand that for retail, leisure, hospitality and Symbol Group customers with multiple sites, it’s important to give consumers convenient access to cash at every location in your estate.
Watch our video ‘The Value of Cash’, to understand the benefits that an ATM can have on your stores, your customers’ loyalty, your footfall and your service offering.

Click to view our Value of Cash video

We make it simple for you to give your customers what they want. We Fit, we fill and we fix cash machines to ensure your business is at the forefront of enabling financial convenience in a fast-paced world.
No other cash machine provider offers the true 360° service we do, which is why we are the first choice for companies with multiple sites across the UK.
We want to show you what makes us tick. Let us talk you through all of our departments and how we work as a business. We will show you how we interact with the ATM and financial sector more broadly, and how we add value for our customers, shareholders and employees.
Choose a full, nationwide installation across all of your stores, or simply ask us to manage your existing ATM network. However you decide to work with us, you can rely on us to deliver exceptional service to every machine, every single day.
Who are we? We are Cardtronics UK. The cash machine people.