Cardless Cash Solution

Withdraw money from a Cashzone or Bank Machine ATM
without using a card.

Pin4 Cash

Pin4 Cash is an innovative solution that enables businesses, charities and government agencies to deliver cash to recipients’ mobile devices for immediate collection at a participating ATM.

The recipient is sent a text message with the details to be input at any Cardtronics Pin4 enabled ATM to obtain the cash. The recipient doesn’t need a card or bank account, just a basic mobile phone and access to a Cardtronics Pin4 enabled ATM.

How does it work?

Pin4Cash Diagram

1) The Sender places a send order for the intended recipient.
2) A text message is sent to the recipient’s mobile phone with details of the transaction.
3) The recipient takes the information to the nearest Cardtronics ATM.
4) The recipient then inputs the details from the text message and a secret PIN provided by the sender.
5) The ATM dispenses the cash for the recipient.
For more information, watch the video below.

Benefits for Senders

Cardtronics has partnered with Pin4 to enable sending entities, whether businesses, charities or government agencies to deliver cash safely and securely to their customers/members/beneficiaries. This pay-as-you-go service means that you only pay for the transactions you need.

For companies

  • Provide cash incentives or prizes for customer competitions
  • Give your remote workers access to cash for daily expenses
  • Get emergency cash to the people who need it

For Financial Institutions and credit unions

  • Provide emergency cash access for customers who have lost their debit card
  • Provide a simple way for your customer to access their cash via the Cardtronics network of ATMs without having to issue a debit card

For charities and government bodies

  • Provide emergency cash for people in need
  • Issue cash without requiring recipients to visit your offices

If you’d like to know more about how we could help your business, contact us here:

Tips for recipients
Pin4 enables senders to get cash to you using our network of ATMs throughout the country. Look out for machines branded Cashzone or Bank Machine. You’ll also see this service on our machines at Co-operative food stores, and on Shell and BP forecourts.

Where is the nearest ATM with this service?
There is a link in your text message for the ATM locator guide which will tell you where to find your nearest enabled ATM. Or look for one of our Cashzone or Bank Machine ATMs. You’ll also see Pin4 on our machines at Co-operative food stores, and on Shell and BP forecourts.

How do I start the transaction? Do I need a card?
You don’t need a card, just press the bottom right hand button next to the ATM screen, then select Pin4 from the menu. The screen will then guide you through the process for accessing your cash.

Are there any fees for withdrawing the money?
No. It’s free for you to withdraw the cash.

Do I have to take all the money I’ve been sent in one go?
Yes. The machine will only dispense the full amount you’ve been sent.

My phone number is too long.
When you enter your phone number, don’t enter the first zero. For example, if your number is 07912 123456…when prompted enter 7912 123456.

I have a non-UK mobile phone. Can I still use the service?
Yes. When you get to the screen that asks you for your mobile phone number, simply select “Non-UK phone” and continue through those screens as normal.

There’s been a problem. Who do I call to get help?
There is a Customer Services phone number in the text message that was sent to you. This will take you to the helpdesk for your sender.