We Are The Smart Money

Cash machines have a positive impact on footfall, loyalty and sales. Our research,
'The Value of Cash' proves this. Who are we? We are Cardtronics UK. The cash machine people.

Our Innovation

We are leading the way

We are proud of our commitment to innovation. With vast group-wide expertise and research capabilities, we consistently deliver market-leading developments before anyone else gets there. From balance enquiries to mobile top-ups, we lead the way with customer-focused innovations. Here are a few more of our ‘firsts’:

i-design for on-screen advertising & marketing campaigns

i-design, our sister company and the on-screen advertising arm of Cardtronics Inc., develops future-proof consumer interfaces for our cash machines. We use this technology to drive loyalty, and we provide onscreen advertising and campaign management for advertisers.

i-design is the market leader in self-service customer engagement software, creative design and media services. Established for over 20 years, their ground-breaking products and solutions continue to lead the industry and are the benchmark for delivering effective customer engagement that is proven to deliver return on investment.

Pioneering the £5-only cash machine

When it became clear that there was a need, we became the first UK independent ATM provider to offer a £5-only dispensing cash machine.

Ukash cardless cash access

Through our partnership with global online cash payments provider Ukash, we provide cardless cash access for consumers using Ukash codes at our cash machines throughout the UK.

Begin quote We have a ‘fiver only’ cash machine and it’s a real winner. It’s the only one of its kind in our area. Giving customers easy access to cash, and especially small notes, is great for a small store like ours. Having a cash point outside the shop has increased my turnover by ten percent. The local cab drivers know that my cash point has £5 notes so they always stop here with their passengers. We know to expect the pub crowd on Friday nights. My regular customers are happy too, because I don’t have to charge them 50p for small card payments anymore. Now they just get a fiver from the machine and buy what they need. Begin quote Vijay Patel, Store Owner, Nisa Euston, London