We Keep The Money Moving

With over 18,000 cash machines nationwide, you can trust us to keep the money moving.
Who are we? We are Cardtronics UK. The cash machine people .

We are all around the world

At Cardtronics, our ethos is clear:
Begin quote To be the ATM partner of choice in the UK ... The undisputed leader in service and innovation ... Delivering for our people, our customers and our shareholders. End quote mission statement
Cardtronics UK, a part of Cardtronics Europe, is backed by the power and reach of Cardtronics, a global leader in cash machine provision.
With a network that stretches around the globe, the Cardtronics group offers unrivalled expertise and service for many of the world's leading brands and institutions.
Since entering the UK in 2005 when we acquired Bank Machine, Cardtronics UK has grown quickly. In 2011, we sealed our position as the leading independent cash machine provider, with the acquisition of Cashzone.
Today, we operate over 18,000 cash machines throughout the UK, and approximately 285,000 cash machines globally.
International Expansion
With a robust processing and service platform, extensive international operating experience, a strong financial position, and experienced, locally based international management teams, Cardtronics is poised to continue its growth beyond today's markets as attractive and strategically important opportunities are uncovered.
Who are we? We are Cardtronics UK. The cash machine people.