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What’s not to love? Who are we? We are Cardtronics UK. The cash machine people.

Our Journey

We've come a long way

The business that is recognised today as Cardtronics UK is the product of many individual and diverse business ventures, which have come together over the past two decades. While our timeline shows the various steps we have taken along this journey, cash machine users across the UK are more likely to know us by our consumer brands, Bank Machine and Cashzone, both of which were at one point distinct and independent businesses.

Cashzone was first founded in the UK in 1999 and was established as Cardpoint in Germany. Bank Machine, formerly known as Euronet, began in the UK in 2003. Over the years, both companies successfully grew their ATM businesses independently through timely and strategic mergers and acquisitions of new ATM fleets and services as well as organic growth.

Bank Machine was the first independent UK operator to join the Cardtronics Inc. business in 2005. More recently, in 2013, Cashzone also became part of the Cardtronics’ global estate. At the time of this successful merger, Cardtronics acquired Cashzone in the UK and Cardpoint in Germany. The acquisition extended Cardtronics Inc.’s existing UK footprint by bringing the estates of Bank Machine and Cashzone together and marked Cardtronics Group’s first step into continental Europe. It was at this point Cardtronics UK and Cardtronics Europe was founded.

Following this significant move, Cardtronics united the estates, brands and slogans of Bank Machine, Cashzone and Cardpoint under the refreshed, single identity of Cashzone. The branding built on the existing principles and familiar appearance of the existing ATM estates, while continuing to reinforce and extend Cardtronics UK’s position as a leading provider of conveniently located retail cash machines.

As Cardtronics has continued to grow successfully over the years, our core values have remained consistent; from our global outlook, to our operations in key territories, we strive to ensure that consumers have reliable access to cash in the locations where they need it most.

Who are we? We are Cardtronics UK. The cash machine people.