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We give you secure, reliable cash machines and exceptional ongoing service. 
What’s not to love? Who are we? We are Cardtronics UK. The cash machine people.

Welcome to Cardtronics UK

We are Cardtronics UK – the largest independent cash machine provider in the United Kingdom. We cover any location from Derry in Northern Ireland to John O’Groats in Scotland, down to Penzance in England and Bridgend in Wales.

We fit, we fill and we fix cash machines to enable your business to offer financial convenience to consumers in a fast-paced world.

We Fit. We Fill. We Fix

As the only UK company to provide a true, in-house, 360° service, we strive to do everything we can to keep the money moving. We live by our mission:

Begin quote To be the ATM partner of choice in the  UK...The undisputed leader in service and innovation... Delivering for our people, our customers and our shareholders. Begin quote Mission Statement Cardtronics UK

Cashzone have ATMs installed in convenience stores, petrol forecourts, motorway service areas, train stations, food and drink outlets, shopping centres, cinemas, sporting clubs and leisure outlets.

We want to show you what makes us tick. Let us talk you through all of our departments, and how we work as a business. We will show you how we interact with the ATM and financial sector more broadly, and how we add value for our customers, shareholders and employees.

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Our Brands

You may know us as Cashzone, Bank Machine or even Cardpoint, Omnicash or Travelex? Indeed many of our ATMs still carry these brands; all are part of our rich history in the ATM marketplace.

Today, all of our own-brand cash machines are installed with Cashzone branding. Cashzone is our ATM brand and we’re trusted by thousands of customers to deliver a reliable cash machine solution.

Click here to find out more about how Cashzone became part of the Cardtronics UK family. What’s more, you’ll learn about the other brands, old and new, that are part of who we are.

Who are we? We are Cardtronics UK. The cash machine people.